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It’s a curious title for a job, isn’t it? But rest assured, it is NOT my job to co-ordinate hate crimes!! Rather the opposite; I co-ordinate the ways in which you can report those crimes. That means I am responsible for ensuring that our reporting centres and pathways are fully operational.

Pathways are different from centres. At a centre, you can report a hate crime there and then and there are people trained in that centre to help you to do this if necessary.

At a pathway, you can access the information you need to learn how to report a hate crime, but you won’t be able to make the report there and then. However, the relevant members of staff at our pathways have undergone awareness training and know exactly the sort of information you might need.

Since taking over the role, I have expanded our reporting centre and pathway provision. Our aim is to make reporting hate crime as accessible and inclusive as possible throughout the Bradford district. To that end, we have recruited both Connecting Roma and Equality Together as our most recent reporting centres and plans are underway to establish reporting pathways in all Bradford libraries.

Part of my job is to ensure that staff in each centre and pathway are trained in hate crime awareness and the different methods of hate crime reporting. Currently that involves refresher training for those centres and pathways that require it, as well as sessions on how to download and use the new hate crime reporting web app for all.

Everyone who represents the Bradford Hate Crime Alliance as a centre or pathway is passionate about their communities, fully understands the devastating impact of hate crime, and is committed to fighting hate crime by supporting anyone who approaches them wishing to make a report.

All our centres and pathways are open to anyone, but we recognise that some spaces may be more accessible than others and people will always prefer to go to one place over another. What is important is that people have choices and options, but rest assured, when you visit one of our reporting centres or pathways you will receive a warm welcome, be treated with sensitivity and respect.

You can find out more about where our reporting centres are, by clicking the link or the map below