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I am the Director of Bradford Hate Crime Alliance (BHCA), my role is to ensure that there is a robust partnership in place to address hate crime and hate crime reporting across the district.

I have a master’s degree in diversity management. Much of his work and experience addresses complex equality and diversity issues that impact on individuals, communities, and organisations,

I love working on and developing approaches that enable leaders to better understand the needs of the people they serve.

Our core priorities are:-

  • Preventing hate crime by dealing with the beliefs and attitudes that can lead to hate crime. 
  • Responding to hate crime in our communities with the aim of reducing the number of hate crime incidents.
  • Increasing the reporting of hate crime.
  • Improving support for the victims of hate crime.
  • Building our understanding of hate crime.

I am always willing to listens to any thoughts and ideas you or your community may have. Please feel free contact me at BHCA. We are listening.

Tel : 07850471284

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Community Support Worker


My qualifications include a degree in psychology and education, RSA certificate in counselling skills and a diploma in management studies.

I have been a part-time support worker with this project since it’s inception in 2016. I had previously worked in the supported housing sector for over twenty years, supporting marginalised young people.

I currently provide one-to-one support to young people who are felt to be at risk of radicalisation, offering a non-judgemental space in which to explore difficult issues, using active listening, empathy and a calm, patient approach to build trusting relationships.

Along with my colleagues I also provide educational and informational sessions for young people, parents and professionals

Community Support Worker


I joined BHCA in May 2021 after a long period of working with families affected by mental health. I graduated from Huddersfield University in 2013 and left with a degree in Behavioural Science.

I have since furthered my education achieving a level 2 in counselling and extra training in coaching. As part of the community support team my role involves much more than simply providing support.

My main role is to provide one-to-one support for young people who are at risk of radicalisation. I facilitate a safe, non-judgmental space for clients with the aim of creating a lasting, trusting bond. Using developed skills such as empathy and active listening I try to enhance engagement and make a real impact with my work.

I also provide awareness sessions and spend time ensuring my information and knowledge is current as my area of work is constantly evolving.



Hate Crime Co-ordinator


I’m Frazer and I joined the team as hate crime co-ordinator in October 2021 following a lengthy career in the arts as a performer and educator. Since joining, I have re-established the network of reporting centres across the Bradford district, as well as recruited new organisations, with the aim of continually developing a more inclusive community representation.

Borrowing from my previous career and experiences, I have established new approaches to hate crime awareness building, including the development of bespoke educational packages for schools and community organisations.

Most recently I have been involved in launching and hosting the BHCA podcast, “A Series of Difficult Conversations,” which will feature in-depth discussions and shared experiences, as well as an educational hate crime awareness series aimed at empowering the victims of hate crime to come forward and report them.

If you would like to talk to me about your experiences, please email:

 Helping you to better understand hate crime
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