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Hear from some of our team about the reasons why

Charles explains how many of the key figures across the district have joined the campaign and they are already listening

Sadie discusses the importance of just logging any hate crime incident that happens in our communities, no matter how seemingly small

Frazer appeals for your help in putting together a true picture of the hate crime reporting data so that he can better inform the Police and Council

Transgender woman

Muslim woman

Disabled woman

Roma man

Sikh woman

Black woman

British-Pakistani member of the LGBTQ+ community

Gypsy woman

Muslim woman

Gay man

Black person

Community engagement worker

Disabled person
Video in BSL

Martin Baines
Bradford Hate Crime Alliance

Ryan Sparks
Chief Executive Officer,
Bradford City Football Club

Martin Baines
Bradford Hate Crime Alliance

Richard Padwell
Police Chief Inspector,

Professor Udy Archibong
Pro Vice-Chancellor,
University of Bradford

Kez Hayat
Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion,
Bradford Teaching Hospitals

How to use on your phone...any phone!

Getting Started

This is a mobile web app…so a site optimised for an experience on your phone.
You don’t need to download from an app store. We want this to be free and accessible on all phones.
1. Just use any web browser on your phone.
2. Scan or enter a URL (use QR code graphic attached)
If you know how to use a QR code scanner on your phone…usually as simple as pointing your camera at this code on the left…please use this option to go to the Login screen
If you’re not sure then simply click open a web browser on your phone and in the menu bar at the top type in or copy and paste in this URL:

Installing the Listen Bradford campaign icon on your phone home screen
Depending on what sort of phone you have the system should recognise you first logging in and will prompt you with the options for installing an icon on your Home Screen.

Bradford Hate Crime Alliance application landing page screenshot
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Helping us to launch the LISTEN BRADFORD campaign

We want lots of people in the Bradford District to have the Listen Bradford site icon on their phone home screen, so if they witness hate crime they can report it in any way they choose….direct from their phone.
We want Bradford to be the best, strongest and most inclusive society it can be!