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Why we use this form?

BCST aim to provide support as early as possible to individuals vulnerable to radicalisation and extremism. This form is used to assess an individual’s risk and make an initial assessment of the nature and extent of the vulnerability present.

You are advised to complete this form if there are concerns about an individual’s interest in extreme or radical views or behaviour. Completing this form allows us to assess an individual’s suitability for our support services. Any information submitted may be shared with relevant partners, where deemed necessary.

How we protect your information?

All the submissions to our site are treated as confidential. We will not share your information outside of the BHCA team unless we have your permission to do so.

Please be aware that the only exception to our best practice above, relates to safeguarding guidelines. This means that information may be shared if any detail provided highlights potential risk to the individual or others.

For further information about our BHCA Privacy Policy and our BHCA Safeguarding Policy, please see the links in the Footer of this website.

This is an online referral form, if you have any questions about completing this form please send your  questions using the following email address


BCST Referral form

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