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BHCA Mobile App

Listen Bradford photoIn April 2022 BHCA launched their all new mobile Hate Crime Reporting App. This is a web app based system so it  does not store or share anybody’s personal data, it simply  gives you quick, easy access to be able to report a Hate Crime you have been victim to or you have witnessed.

The App can be downloaded onto any mobile device, by typing into your search engine (Google etc.) the following address: 


scanning the QR code on the left

BHCA are now working on encouraging and building confidence with as many residents of Bradford districts to download the app and share with others. The more residents who have this app is likely to increase the reporting of Hate Crimes against victims

  • Each Hate Crime report submitted will be sent automatically to BHCA.
  • Victims or witnesses can also choose if they want the report to go to West Yorkshire Police.
  • BHCA will work with and support every victim, work with Police if requested and signpost victims to organisations who can provide appropriate support.

Since the app launched it has received 971 new users (however, this only account for 0.18% of Bradfords population), work continues to increase the awareness, downloads and use of the app.

10,244 events/hits on new web app

BHCA has received 27 Hate Crime referrals from 1st April 2022 to 31st March 2023

New BHCA Web Page

BHCA Case study photoIn October 2022 BHCA launched our new Website, the concept was developed and brought together working in partnership with Bradford University Working Academy. Promotion of the new website is in its early stages, but to date we have had 900 users with circa 10,000 visits


The site offers a platform to:

  • Access to report a hate crime,
  • Listen to episodes of Podcasts – “A Series Of Difficult Conversations”, this can be done on most major platforms
  • Watch Videos of “lived experience” of Hate Crime
  • News articles,
  • Information on upcoming events,
  • Read interesting articles,
  • Updates and information on Hate Crime and Prevent
  • Links to useful Hate Crime and prevent training and educational resources.

Hate Crime and Prevent work statistics

BHCA works with our key partners in line with Bradford Hate Crime Strategy 2021-2024, which the key objectives are to:

  • Prevent hate crime
  • Increasing the reporting of hate crime
  • Responding to and building an understanding of hate crime across communities
  • Improving support for the victims of hate crime
  • Work with communities and schools to safeguard young people from Radicalisation and extremism.

The work we have undertaken in these areas over the past 12 months are:

Hate Crime

  • Worked with 29 Hate Crime victims
  • Undertaken 18 workshops/roadsh0ws
  • Given Hate Crime Awareness training to nearly 800 people
  • Presented 34 Training and awareness workshops to schools
  • Circulated over 47,000 items of Hate Crime educational resource, Hate Crime App QR Code on pens, key rings and QR cards.


  • 95 1:1 Prevent support sessions given to prevent referrals
  • 277 hours of support work undertaking the 95 1:1 sessions
  • 13 group Prevent training sessions
  • 321 participants attended the 13 group training sessions
  • 84 hours of awareness training

Podcast "A Series Of Difficult Conversations"

Home studio podcast interior. Microphone, laptop and on air lamp on the table Hate Crime Alliance exists to support the victims of hate crime, co-ordinate the network of reporting centres that work with us and protect and support young people from risks of radicalisation and extremism.

Reporting hate crime is essential, but education is the key, and our new podcast series aims to raise awareness of hate crime through the sharing of lived experience as well as providing a forum to have the difficult conversations that need to be had about the issues that lie at the heart of hate crime in 21st Century Britain. 


Over the past 12 months BHCA Hate Crime Coordinator, Frazer Ormondroyd, has developed and produced a series podcasts.

The theme of these podcasts is “A Series Of Difficult Conversations” to date there are six podcasts with more being finalised.

Click here to listen.   “A Series Of Difficult Conversations”

BHCA - What we can offer you

Here at BHCA we have a dedicated team of professionals.  All the team are skilled and experienced in 1:1 support, training and education, small or large group presentations for topics associated with Hate Crime, Prevent and safeguarding.


We offer bespoke training (groups and individuals), which can include;

  • Training
  • Problem Solving
  • Education

Visit our resource website page (being updated as you read)

BHCA Resources