Report a crime

Hate crimes hurt; they can be confusing and frightening.

By reporting them when they happen to you, you may be able to prevent these incidents from happening to someone else. You will also help the police understand the extent of hate crime in your local area so they can better respond to it.

Frequently asked Questions

Perception - if anyone thinks it is, then it is! You can’t be wrong when recording a hate incident. All hate incidents must be recorded and monitored.

Reporting makes a difference - to you, your friends, and your life so fill out the form below to get started:

This website is not to be used in emergency. 
If you are in immediate danger please call 999 
Please note that hate crime reports are picked up in office hours only

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If you have asked for police involvement or for support from victim support. BHCA or any other support agency please complete the details below and state your chosen method of contact, for example telephone number, address or email.

No one will call you at your home without your prior consent. If you opted for no police involvement at the start of this form, the police will not contact you.

Once you have submitted this online form it will be sent directly BHCA and West Yorkshire Police, for further processing and if you opted for Police involvement, they will be following up the report.

NOTE: For 3rd Party Reporting Centre please add contact details of contact person.

NOTE: If you wish to report anonymously please leave name etc. blank