Bradford Community Support Team (BCST)

The Purpose of Bradford Community Support Team (BCST) is to help young people to gain the confidence and ability they need to develop within the legal means the right to freedom of expression, advocacy and representation skills needed to participate in the democratic and political arenas of our society.


1 Support – to help young people develop and express their own views in a positive way and within the rule of law.

2 Engage- using a range of tools to work with communities to inform and empower them to challenge extremism agendas.

3 Partnership – to build a partnership with young people, parents and teachers to encouraging openness and debate.

4 Communication – promoting consultation, empowerment, inclusion and participation by all partners to safeguard young people from extremist risk

5 Mentor – building self-confidence and resilience with community role models as Mentors.

6 Educate - alternative approaches to understanding due process, the rule of law and democratic objection. Legitimising protest, civil rights and objection.  Encouraging young people to think for themselves and express their views positively. Help develop critical thinking, reasoning and rationalisation   


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