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Bradford Hate Crime Alliance has long been a supporter of Remembering Srebrenica. The work this initiative does in not only remembering the lives lost in the horrific genocide of 1995, but in educating successive generations to avoid such a horror happening again in the future, is invaluable.

The 2024 theme is “I Am Because You Are”. We are conditioned – by our upbringing, by society, by our individual cultures at times – to only see the cover, while often not taking the time to read the book. Martin Luther King once said that he hoped one day his four children would be judged not for the colour of their skin, but the content of their character.

But where is the content of our character? The great spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle shows us that it is our authentic selves, the essence of us that cannot be seen, but can be felt and known, if we would only take the time to know it. Beneath all of our varied exteriors and the egoic labels society creates for our outward, human appearances that encourage us to other those we see as different to ourselves, we are all equal. We all have character – the being part of the human being if you will.

I Am Because You Are comes from Ubuntu philosophy which recognises that we cannot exist in isolation. We are all connected, and it is the power of our interconnectedness which empowers humanity to support each other, be upstanders in society, and stand together against hate and discrimination.

So the next time you judge a book by its cover so to speak, think again and take the time to know the character within, a character that is the equal of you.

Remembering Srebrenica’s 2024 Theme: I Am Because You Are

Eckhart Tolle on Racism, Ego and Awareness